Hiring Photo Booths-What To Look For

Here are a few things to look for when you hire a photo booth:

1. What kind of photo booth is it? Open air, kiosk style or just a pipe and drape kind? Will there be enough space to fit more than two people? Sometimes the fun is in being able to take a picture with all your buddies together.

2. Find out about the quality of everything, right from the camera, to the printer, lighting and the photo booth itself. How much time will it take to print a second set of prints if needed? Pictures should not look washed out, grainy or pixelated. Everyone should leave the booth feeling happy about the quality of the photograph. Also if there are attendants, then they should be well-trained and friendly.

3. One of the most important questions is the price. When a price is quoted, you should get a breakdown of what is included and importantly, what’s not! Clarify what is the base price for the number of hours you want. Remember, cheaper is not always better and memories are priceless!

4. Most of these companies have an average of 3-5 hours as a part of their basic package. If you need extra hours, then you will have to pay extra. Keep in mind that sometimes people could enjoy the photo booth so much that they might want to spend more time there, plan for this in advance. Find a company that won’t be unhappy about time extensions.

5. For special events, a guest book is a great idea. While your guests take a copy of their photo, it would be great for you to have a copy of those photos in a guestbook with comments from your guests. Ensure there are attendants to help with the guestbook.

6. It is a great idea to have video messages. It doesn’t matter what the occasion is, a small video wishing the person/people will be a sure hit, for the guests and hosts.

7. For corporate events, you should be able to put the company logo onto the photo strip. Check if the photo booth company can customize and add your logo to the photos at no extra charge. They should also agree to customize the booth itself, especially the exterior, with your logo.

8. After the event they should be able to give the photos on a flash drive and also upload it in a secure web site with password protection. They should also give you the guestbook immediately. Some companies may even upload on social media if you want them to.

9. Check on the schedule, some companies tend to get busy all weekends. Some of them are booked out for three months in advance. Keep in mind wedding seasons and other events like anniversaries, graduations, etc. and book accordingly.

10. Do your homework. Cheapest is not always the best and you should not regret pinching pennies after the event. Ask friends and family for their personal recommendations, ask photobooth singapore companies for samples and references.