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Compact size, GREAT results!
Easy to use, solid design.
Refill the tank, load the model, and just press “PRINT”!
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SLS 3D printing

High quality laser printing for everyone
Laser sintering technology brings you the highest 3D print quality, and now with Norge’s Ice9 and Ice1, you don’t have to pay hounded thousands dollars or euros or pounds to bring it to your design studio.
Wide material range
From nylon to glass reinforced plastic!
SLS printing technology allows us to build consistent, production ready objects. With Norge printers, no more tiny and fragile prints, but big and bold stuff, made of nylon, rubber, carbon-fibre or glass filled polyamide!
Not just a great SLS
It’s also as an engraver (and cutter)!
Yes, you read it right. With our printers you can choose the “Engrave/Cut” mode, and start to play, drawing figures on wood, leather, plastic or even the aluminium case of your iPhone!
Easy to use

Quality 3D prints

Ease of use, high-end printing quality, sleek design.
“Selective Laser Sintering” is one of the most sophisticated 3D printing technology. It allows the end user to print durable, fully functional prototypes both with plastic materials and metal, like steel, titanium or alumide.
SLS printers are expensive, very expensive and this is why only big companies can take advantage of this technology.
Until today! With Ice9 and Ice1 we want to make a change, and bring this technology to you!
SLS 3D Printer with 40W tube laser
Works with polyamide or nylon powder
Arduino 2 powered controller
Multifunction display for quick operations
Sleek design, solid rock build, UK assembled


But also creative or fashion or toy design!
If you’re a designer, and want to bring your creations to life, to durable life, we are sure our printers will satisfy your needs.
Rendering are great, but the charm of a good old…
…plastic or relief model is often unbeatable. With our printers, your customers will be happy to have their new house or building literally in their own hands.
Taking care of our past, using SLS 3D printing.
Reconstructing old bones, replicating pieces of an ancient armor, re-creating lost parts of antique statues… and everything that may cross your mind.
Ideal for small series manufacturing
Small series production is a typical robotics and aerospace case. SLS prints are size perfect and ready to use, and a cheap alternative to expensive molds.

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